How to build trust with Barry Habib

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Barry Habib Interview

How to build trust with Barry Habib. I was at the Mortgage Mastermind 2014 event during the first week of June.  Barry Habib offered to do a quick interview with me on his featured presentation. Mr. Habib talked about the history of the Federal Reserve, how to build trust and the future direction of interest rates:

Dave:   Hi everybody Dave Sullivan here for The Credit Guy TV with special guest….

Barry:   Barry Habib

Dave:   thanks so much for presenting at the Mortgage Mastermind summit 2014. Barry, what is one thing that you would like to share with people who were not able to attend today?

Barry:   It is a great conference, one of the things in my discussion that we covered was building trust and how important that is. Taking the opportunity in the sales process to build trust that is how you get more transactions actually close repeat business referrals, it is absolutely critical. One of the ways to do that among the many that we covered is just to ask two very important questions.

What are your thoughts? & what are your concerns?

I know it sounds simple but we don’t often ask those types of questions. We should be asking question that are verb led instead of interrogative questions.

Dave:   I think this is an important point to make. It was really my favorite part of the presentation along with the wizard of Oz story.

Barry:   oh yes, we talked about how to view the central bank and the importance of history of the central bank and some of things that have happened through our nation’s history. One of the tools I used was the wizard of OZ story and the history behind it. People seemed to really enjoy it.

Dave:   Really one of my favorite stories of all time and the way you laid it out there it gave me a whole new perspective.

Barry:   yes, most importantly we try to talk about housing market, where it is going how the media confuses housing the economic driver with hosing the investment for individuals. We also talked about future appreciation levels with do still look pretty good and also the opportunity with interest rate where if a few things fall into place we could see much lower rates with a big push on purchases and a lot of refinances but a few things have to happen first right. We showed what those signs are and with the possible outcomes could be.

Dave:   You are so right about the news media always negative it seems it is nice to have a more realistic perspective..

Barry:   The media has to sell fear, it’s their jobs to get eyeballs, because more eyeballs it means more advertising revenue so they have a bias it is to strike fear into the hearts people. Unfortunately when buyers hear this their reaction tends to be more on guard, so educated mortgage professionals can help real estate agents overcome that, not to sell them not to be convince them, but to allow them to make a judgment whether or not to purchase home based on fact instead of fear mongering, this very important thing right now that we need.

Dave:   Barry how can people reach out to you at the MBS highway or contact you for speaking engagements?

Barry:   My email is and I’m at I’m very proud of what we did there and we hope people take a look at it.

Dave:   Thanks so much Barry.

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