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How I Record, Edit and Produce My Video's

  • The iOgrapher

    The iOgrapher will change the way you think about filming. This has made my remote interviews possible on a much more professional level. Prior to getting this I had a simple ipad stand that I had to prop up. The iOgrapher connects to a tripod with mounts for lights and a microphone. Filmmakers, educators, students, and casual users are discovering how iOgrapher turns your iPad into a superior movie shooting machine. The first all purpose film making case for the iPad, iOgrapher has everything needed for a professional shoot.

  • Apple Ipad

    I am sure most of you have an Apple Ipad you may not know the camera was just upgraded in the latest model that puts it on par with a the best Digital SLR Camera.  If you have a new Ipad there is no reason to buy a SLR camera. You don’t even need a special application just use the Ipad camera with the built in application.  Using  Imovie you can have great looking transitions and sound effects.

  • Video Shotgun Microphone

    There is no better way to set your videos apart than with professional sound.  This Video Shotgun Microphone has made the videos that I shoot in my office much more professional.  My remote videos were almost impossible to shoot until I added this piece to the equipment portfolio.  If you only add one thing here make it the Video Shotgun Microphone.

  • Professional Video LED Light

    No one wants to watch a dark video. Lighting is second only to audio when trying to make a professional looking video.  This light mounts right on the top of the iOgrapher directing soft light directly on the subject.  It has saved many of my remote videos from the editing room floor.  I love it because it is so small, runs on normal batteries and is VERY bright. I bought two of them for better cross lighting.

  • Light Weight Aluminum Tripod

    Do not under estimate the value of an Aluminum Tripod get one that is easy to adjust for different shooting situations.  I have the Ravelli APLT4 it works great and folds up very small. You will not regret getting a top notch Tripod, it will bring another dimension to your video recording. Check out this list of Light Weight Aluminum Tripod

  • WordPress hosting I recommend.

    WP Engine!! I can not tell you how many times I have thanked god that I use WP engine. Anytime I have a problem or I need something they have been there. The service is very fast and my upgrade to a secure HTTPS: was pain free. Click the link on the right for a discount.

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