Medical Debt Credit Report Collection Help

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I believe so, I went to the hospital in 2012 and my insurance paid my bill in full and never got a bill. In 2014, I went back to the hospital. At that time I was informed about two old accounts for small amounts of money that were sold to collection companies. This has hurt my credit score.

A very common problem people go into medical facilities for one reason or another. They have insurance, they give the insurance information to the hospital. The patient won’t hear back from the hospital and then assumes everything is fine until consumers pull their credit report. Then they access their credit report, only to find collection accounts reporting from a medical procedure that could have occurred years ago. That collection will impact their score considerably, a recent collection will pull your score down quite a bit.

There is new an agreement with the New York state attorney general and the repositories. They have agreed to hold medical debt for six months before it will be reported on consumer’s credit files. The improvement should hit next year regarding medical debt. Medical debt will not show up as quickly, as it is now.

Back to the question, so they have two collections on their credit repository file and they thought it was covered by insurance. Maybe it should have been and there was a billing error. The first thing they should do is reach out to the original creditor and say “look, I don’t know what this is”. I think it was a billing error can we get this resolved?” A lot of times they will say “we just need to get the bill paid.” I would respond with “that should have been paid by my insurance, I was told it was.

I want to take care of it, if I do will you remove the account from my report? Consumers have to ask the collection company to remove the debt like it was never there. That should be always be the goal whenever the’re dealing with the collection companies. Ask them to remove it because they were not properly notified or whatever the truth is. If consumers find medical debt on their credit report, the first time they notice it and they were not properly notified. The collection company is required by law to send something to them in the US Mail, 30 days before it shows up on consumer’s credit reports.

Medical Debt Credit Report Collection Help

Medical Debt Credit Report Collection Help

Medical Debt Credit Report Collection Help

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