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I have transitioned out of the Tiny house and I am now staying at an AirBNB. I wanted to get some advise on how to start making some money on the side with AirBnB.

Dave: …with Airbnb proprietor Sharon, I am actually staying with Sharon here in North Muskegon. A lot of people try to repair their credit and what they struggle with is raising money. I think Airbnb is a great way for consumers to raise money and then pay off some of their bills to improve their credit score. Sharon what was it like starting to become an Airbnb provider?

Sharon: Well really pretty simple. There’s a variety of ways of starting with AirBnB, people sometimes just have a spare room and they rent that out, sometimes the mattress on the floor, anything…

Dave: Or the entire house…

Sharon: The entire house, right or a boat or even a trailer.

Dave: So just look at the look for the space that you might be able to rent out and then get on the website and say you want to become a host. It’s just very easy. AirBnb makes it very easy to use their website.

Dave: The website was easy to use, that is an important tip. What advice would you give somebody who wanted to start doing this? Somebody for the first time going on to the website but then what additional advice would you give?

Sharon: Yes get on the website because there’s lots of advice on there. I would say number one, don’t be afraid of it. We had just the most wonderful people stay with us and it’s just been a great adventure. Airbnb kind of takes any that danger that people might perceive out. That would be the first advice, don’t be afraid.

Dave: Are there reviews of the people who want to rent from you?

Sharon: Yes every host reviews their guests and every guest reviews their hosts. Neither can see the others review until both post. You can also contact Airbnb yourself, if you have a problem.

Dave: I found Sharon and Richard on Airbnb, I really enjoy staying with them. It’s a great place if you want to stay here in Muskegon during the weekend only because I’m here during the week. How could they find you on

Sharon: Just get on the AirB&B website and put in the location of north Muskegon

Dave: Great thanks so much for having me Sharon and Richard and thanks for the trip out on the boat!

therefore, in conclusion start using to pay your bills

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