Top Ten Credit Repair Warning Signs

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Credit Repair Reviews and my Top Ten Credit Repair Warning Signs. Are you considering using a credit repair company? Well you want to be very careful if you do. In this video, I cover the top ten warning signs that let you know if you should trust a credit repair person. Do not consider hiring a credit repair company or anyone in the credit repair industry unless you watch
Completely Free Credit ScoreidentityforceMyFicothis video.

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3 responses to “Top Ten Credit Repair Warning Signs”

  1. Laurie Post says:

    Am I supposed to read one of your articles (Top Ten, etc.) some other way than just clicking the link. When I do that, it takes me back to the main page which has your photo on it and repeats the list again.

  2. Sully says:

    You are in deep at this point. Until your collection accounts are settled and start reporting as closed then your score will go up. Don’t give up keep working and try to see if any of the collection companies will settle the accounts for a cash payment now. then follow the instructions at

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