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CC: Hi everybody I am Christina Maciejewski here with Mac-Team mortgage of Mortgage 1. Today I am reviewing an incredible book I just read over the weekend. I’m so excited to share this with you and I have a special guest…

Dave: I’m Dave Sullivan blogger at The Credit Guy TV and video blogger on YouTube as well

CC: Thank you so much for being here and I had a wonderful time reading your book.

Dave: I appreciate that.

CC: There’s a lot here that would answer tons of questions that our viewers, our past, current and future clients could benefit from.

Dave: I wrote the book with two groups of people in mind.

The consumer who wanted to improve their credit

The loan officer who really needs to have the knowledge that’s in that book to do a better job providing value to their clients.

I saw so many people being taken advantage of by the credit repair industry. I really wanted to give people an alternative and that’s why I wrote the first book actually eight years ago/ This is a rewrite of that book, I’ve always wanted to help loan officers become better loan officers and to help people avoid the credit repair industry. That’s really why I wrote this book and that’s why I do the blog as well.

CC: We’ll put the blog the link down in the comments, so you can follow Dave and if you have any further questions you can always contact me at Mac-Team member at Mac-Team mortgage as well as.

Dave: They can always reach out to me at the blog the credit Guy TV there’s a contact me information there if you want to find out more or reach out to me otherwise CC here can be a great resource for you so I definitely if you’re thinking about getting a mortgage reach out to the Mac team over a mortgage one they’re gonna do a great job for you well Dave thank you so much for being here I really appreciate it

To watch the full interview click here

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Get your copy now on Amazon


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