Credit Score Presenter

Covering the most important factor when entering into financial transaction.

Experienced Credit Score Presenter helping people improve their own credit scores. Giving buyers better access to credit and the ultimate goal of home ownership.

Experienced Credit Score Presenter.  Topics include;

Why you should never pay your bills on the due date again.
Why paying collections will hurt your score almost every time.
The only good score improvement strategy that works.
How many credit cards should you have and what type score the highest.
The best way handle student loan debt after graduation.
How the impact of credit inquiries has changed over the years.
FACO Score VS FICO Score – who will win?
How the repositories started and who owns them now?
Vantage Score 3.0
FICO score 8/9 and why we all still use a 10 year old version.
The IRS Fresh Start program and how to use it to remove an IRS Tax Lien.
The best type of account Mortgage vs Installment vs revolving.
Why there is no category for short sale and how is it reported?
And the number one credit question for the last 20 years…

Credit Score Presenter

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My seminar can go from as little as thirty minutes up to two hours, the two hour class is eligible for continuing education for Michigan Realtors  Please contact me for more information.

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Credit Score Presenter

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